December 2022

Over the past few months due to the monsoon season, Government elections, and various festival events meant some of our programs have been restricted. However, work is underway for a dental camp in March 2023, with two dentists and several volunteers travelling from Australia and New Zealand to run the camp and help as required. In addition, once the festival season ends, plans are being made to run another Diabetes Testing and Awareness Campaign.

The daily work at the clinics continues with staff being called to assist community members and any incidental travellers requiring medical assistance. Our specific programs over the past 2 years have been disrupted due to covid and travel restrictions.  However, there has been an increase in the number of births at the Ghandruk clinic, providing opportunities for staff to maintain their midwifery skills. An ambulance is available to take anyone requiring hospital treatment to Pokhara providing the road is serviceable.

Bir Singh Gurung was able to visit Ghandruk earlier this month to catch up with all the staff members in Ghandruk and Chomrong and he gained a firsthand understanding of operations at both communities since his last visit. He observed that there is now a substantial increase in the number of people returning to their villages and an increase in travellers visiting the area. Of note, recent Government elections have resulted in changes to the Village Development Committee (VDC) with a new chair being elected.  It was an appropriate time for Bir Singh to meet with the new Chairman and the VDC in order that they may have a good understanding of the impact that Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal (SPHMN) has had on the local villages and the extent of the valuable support provided by Sanjiwani Australia.




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