Dental Camp March 2023

Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal works in the Ghandruk Health Post in coordination with the Health Department of Annapurna Rural Municipality. Sanjiwani employs 4 Health personnel in Ghandruk (1 Staff Nurse, 1 Health Assistant, 1 Lab Assistant & 1 Office Helper) and there is 1 Staff Nurse working in the village of Chomrong. Sanjiwani has been helping the villagers of Ghandruk by conducting various Health Camps from time to time. Sanjiwani has been the backbone for the Health Post in Ghandruk since it was established in 2007, and dental camps have been provided since 2013.

At the start of COVID-19, Sanjiwani was unable to provide its regular Dental Camp to the villagers. One Dental Camp was provided to the villagers by Dr. Bhibor Koirala which was financially supported by Sanjiwani after COVID-19. But with the ease of travel restriction by the Australian Government, we were able to plan our Dental Camp in Ghandruk for 11 days in the month of March 2023.

It brought great excitement to see so many patients attending the 11 days of Camp. We planned our Dental Camp for the 18th of March until the 28th of March 2023 and with all the paperwork sorted out by the Sanjiwani Team in Ghandruk, the Dental Camp started as scheduled, and we were able to see 314 patients. We were able to do extractions for 251 patients and 217 patients had their teeth filled. A team of 3 Doctors (Dr. Bu Loc Lam, Dr. Laura Buu Tho Pham & Dr. Bhibor Koirala) worked untiringly for 11 days (they were supposed to conduct the Camp for 10 days but due to pressure to see more patients with dental problems they worked for an extra day) to make this Dental Camp a success. Similarly, Shelly Voigt, Bettina Stewart, Helen Mell, Anneke Vandertol and John Guilfoyle did their best on their part to contribute to the success of the camp.

Sanjiwani team in Australia and Ghandruk expressed gratitude to the whole team at Ghandruk Health Post, Dr. Bibhor Koirala, Annapurna Rural Municipality-10, the ACAP for the Gratis Permit and the Health Department of Annapurna Rural Municipality for their support.

Apart from doing the Dental Camp in Ghandruk, Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal distributed dolls, and clothes to the kids of Ghandruk. As always Sanjiwani is ready to help the kids of Ghandruk in every way that it can.