Donor’s Views

One of many privileges of living in our economically rich countries is that we have so many possibilities which we may pursue so many choices to make. One option is actually that of pursuing a fairer world for all. Recognizing that we can give, that we, however small we may feel, can have a positive impact. Nepal, the beauty of the country and the obvious pride and strength of the people, has inspired so many people and we are one of them. Visiting that place, and these people, you immediately realize that you have been given an astonishing gift. And having received something so valuable how could anyone not have the urge to give something back? – Jon Krakauer

Hopefully, with everybody’s help and suggestions this small project will improve some people’s lives by providing them with the basic healthcare that every human has a right to receive. This can be our contribution to trying to improve a world that is now so well connected and yet still so unjust. – Francesco Doglietto

In the West, generally, we have so much. It’s time to share a little. The result of our ‘current’ sharing, is one end of the ‘village’ has loads, the other end has next to nothing. If indeed, the world was a village, we would not let it happen. We would not let people die of malnutrition or inadequate medical aid. No, we would do something. Well, this is our something. It is not much, but it is something… – Allen Jesson