Board of Trustees

In Nepal:

The Board of SPHMN manages the operation of SPHMN. The Board consists of 7 members, including community representatives from the local Village Development Committee. It has a dual role.

  • To raise funds for the operation of SPHMN
  • To provide a health service to the people of Ghandruk

The Board manages its funds, services and facilities to meet the health challenges and needs of the community. The Board meets annually and holds meetings during the year as the need arises.

The Executive Members of the SPHMN Board are:

President: Bir Singh Gurung

Vice President: Ruku Pudasaini

Secretary: Mahesh Pudasaini

Treasurer: Shiva Dev Bhandari

Members: Suresh Pudasaini, Susma Shahi and Ganga Bir Shrestha

In Australia:

The purpose of Sanjiwani Australia was to:

  1. Bring together interested people, who have a desire to work together to support committee-agreed charitable services to benefit impoverished people in Nepal.
  2. Provide a framework for charitable events, fundraising and community participation to support these agreed services.
  3. Provide an open and visible platform, with access to records and events, available to all members. As agreed by the committee, no property or income will be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to members except in the promotion of the objectives shown in point 1 above.

The Executive Members of Sanjiwani Australia Inc are:

President:  John Guilfoyle

Vice President: Bettina Stewart

Public Officer:  Shelly Voigt

Treasurer: David Coorey

Members: Louise Edwards, George Lenyk, Helen Mell, Janet Reed,  Anneke Vandertol

All Board members, both in Australia and Nepal, are volunteers. They are not remunerated for their time. The Board operations are managed in accordance with its legal obligations, operating in an open and transparent way. Currently, less than 2% of the operating costs are used to manage SPHMN. This ensures that the majority of funds raised are for the purpose of improving health services in the community.