Ghandruk Dental Camp January 2022

Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal use to organize a Dental Camp every year with the help of volunteer Dentists from Australia visiting Ghandruk to help the local students and people with dental problems. But due to Pandemic Covid-19, the program was paused in the years 2020 & 2021. In January 2022, the program started again and a Dentist Dr. Bhibor Koirala from Pokhara was assigned to help people with dental problems. All the students from different schools around Ghandruk were informed about the Dental Camp and notices were also put in several areas of Ghandruk to let the local people know about the ongoing dental camp.

All the equipment needed for the dental camp was prepared and made ready in Ghandruk Health Post by the staff of Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal and the staff of Ghandruk Health Post.

During these 6 days of Dental Camp from January 3rd to January 8th, 2022, a total number of 183 patients where 61 male students, 63 female students, 19 male adults & 40 female adults were treated with different dental problems. The adults treated in the dental camp were very needy people who couldn’t afford to go to Pokhara for their dental problems. The table below shows the total patients treated in detail:

Total number of patients 183
Filling (Restoration) 101
Extraction 58
Total number of teeth restored 284
Total number of teeth extracted 66

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