How Can I Get Involved?

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Join Sanjiwani Australia Inc as a committee or general member

Under our Rules of Incorporation and as a “Not for Profit” group we need to have a core membership of at least 5 people. Without the support of new members the committee may not be able to operate and therefore cannot continue to attract donations to support the clinic in Nepal

  • Host a fundraising event
  • Become a donor/sponsor or
  • Target new sponsors

Our Sponsors

Major Financial Sponsors

  1. Since 2007 we have had a small number of private individuals who provide regular or one-off larger donations which we use towards the cost of employing medical staff or supporting dental and eye clinics.
  2. World Expeditions Foundation contributed $3000 towards the renovation of the building that is used as the base for SPHMN.

Smaller Financial Donors

The hearts of many are touched by the SPHMN and we have individuals from around the world who contribute small amounts regularly or make one-off donations.

Why Is Your Sponsorship So Important Now?

We seek sponsors who will commit to a regular payment, small or large, so that the committee can budget for the coming 12 months to ensure the continued operation of the clinic and staff continuity.