Kamala Gurung’s Report February to May 2022

In February, the villagers in Ghandruk were administered with their third Covid vaccine booster dose. All the Sanjiwani team along with the staff from the Ghandruk health post were mobilized to administer the vaccination program. In total 94 males and 83 females were given their booster dose.


In  April a horse racing program was organized in Ghandruk Village by the Horse Mules Management & Welfare committee. On 1 April the staff from Sanjiwani and the Ghandruk Health Post were mobilized at different places along the racing route to provide first aid to the competitors. Few minor injuries occurred during the race which required immediate treatment.

On 3 April, another booster dose for the Covid Shield vaccine was organized in Ghandruk. In this program, 190 males and 175 females of different ages received their booster dose.

On 8 & 9 April, in preparation for the monsoon season a Typhoid vaccination program was organized by the Government of Nepal. In this program children above the age of 15 months to 15 years were vaccinated.

Students from four different schools around the village were vaccinated. Altogether, 579 students received the Typhoid vaccine.

In  May a Nutrition Training Program was organized for the female Community Health Volunteers in Ghandruk. The program was organized by the Annapurna Rural Municipality and the training was provided by staff from the Ghandruk Health Post.