Kamala Gurung’s Report June to August 2022

Orientation program Non-Communicable Diseases

Annapurna Rural Municipality’s health department organized a program at the Health Post in Ghandruk to give information about non-communicable diseases to the staff of the Health Post and Sanjiwani Public Health Mission. Some youth groups were also invited to participate in the program. The program was conducted by the Health Department head of the Annapurna Rural Municipality. The program included information related to Hypertension, diabetes, COPD (Asthma), and Cancer.

Diabetes Screening Program

Diabetes (Sugar) screening has become one of the most important programs that need to be carried out at Ghandruk as most people are eating an unbalanced diet these days resulting in increasing the Glucose level. Random sugar screening was organized at different sections of Ghandruk as a basic screening. The screening included the initial test to be carried out by glucometer and the patients with high sugar levels (above 140 mg/dL) were called in at the health post for a more detailed test. Two tests were carried out, the initial test at fasting and the PP and Urine R/E. The patients with borderline diabetes were given information on preventing it.

The staff of Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal went to different sections of the villages (six sections) on different dates to conduct the screening.  A total of 230 patients were screened and 53 patients had diabetes.