Kamala Gurung’s Report to November 2021

Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal staff have been working collaboratively alongside Ghandruk Health Post staff providing proper medical care to the villagers of Ghandruk and Chomrong. Occasionally we need to provide medical care to local visitors and foreign tourists as needed.

On 11th October a jeep accident occurred in Ghandruk and sadly 7 passengers and a driver lost their lives. Luckily, one passenger survived and was rescued by a local person. Sanjiwani staff rushed to the incident site to provide first aid to the injured person. The patient was rushed to the hospital in Pokhara for further treatment.

One of our overseas supporters, Ghandruk Samaj Uk, donated a few Antigen kits to the Health Post in Ghandruk and these have been used to provide antigen tests to the villagers. Fifteen people were tested, and two positive cases were found.

The Child Care Centre in Ghandruk is finally operational now since its closure for most of the year. Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal was able to donate disposable masks to the children at the Child Care centre. Toothbrushes and disposable masks were also donated to the students of Meshram Barah Secondary School in Ghandruk


Child Care students


Students from Meshram Barah Secondary School

Collecting Antigen sample at Chomrong Health Post