Kamala’s Covid-19 Sanjiwani and Chomrong Report to 30 May 2020

Covid-19, a global pandemic, which has affected all around the world creating panic among the people with thousands of death cases globally hasn’t been affected in Ghandruk so far luckily. Ghandruk has been locked down from the 1st day of locked down in Nepal making the movement of people limited. Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal along with the Health Post in Ghandruk is coordinating with the Annapurna Rural Municipality ward no. 10 & 11 Chairperson, local organizations, and the Mothers Group to make people aware about the Covid-19.

The Sanjiwani Staffs and the Health Post Staffs are now examining the patients by using the PPE and separate patients’ check-up area is set up by installing temporary protective windows.  Laser thermometers are used to check their fever before other check-ups are done. Only patients with unsuspected cases of Covid-19 are treated at the Health Post in Ghandruk. If any possible suspected patients arrive, they will be referred to the proper hospital in Pokhara for further diagnosis and treatment. So, far there are no suspected cases of Covid-19 that have been seen but still, Sanjiwani and Health Post staffs are all prepared if any suspected cases arrive.

A Quarantine place has been set up in Ghandruk where Sanjiwani and Health Post staffs coordinated. Luckily, quarantine place isn’t in use but when necessary it’ll be used. No people from the Red Zone are allowed to enter Ghandruk village at the moment.

Patients who take regularly medicines are managed by Sanjiwani and Health Post staffs by getting the medicines from Pokhara on a regular basis. Medicine details are collected and are sent to Pokhara which is picked up and delivered by Ambulance operating in Ghandruk.

Sanjiwani staff at Chomrong is also coordinating with other local authorities and Mothers’ Group at her place to help the patients around her area. Chomrong is also locked down totally from Jhinu Hot Spring and no outsiders are allowed to travel or visit at Chomrong. Robina is coordinating with local organizations in Chomrong in distributing medicines to the local communities around Chomrong. She’s with other local health staff at Chomrong. Currently, no quarantine facility has been set up in Chomrong and if necessary, she will be helping there by coordinating with Annapurna Rural Municipality Chairperson ward no. 11.

Laser thermometer test

Blood pressure testing

Treatment room

Patient counseling