Program Report and Achievement of Sanjiwani from July 2019 to 15th July 2020


July 2019            Kamala Gurung has been re-contracted as staff and Manager for Ghandruk Clinic. Office helper, Harka Lama has left due to his new overseas opportunity Samser Pudasaini replaced Harka in Ghandruk Clinic helper, Govinda Karki has also been re-contracted on July 2019.

August        Breastfeeding week organized at the Health Post in Ghandruk. Also, the vaccines for their infants were provided. Renewal and Audit process Sanjiwani was started by various government departments

September   Dengue was spreading in the lower parts of Nepal (Teria), local people were given the awareness teaching about the safety measures to take from spreading the Dengue. Few places in Nepal were affected by the white moth. The moths were getting into the eyes of people making them temporary blind and an awareness campaign was organized to help the community people aware of it.

November   Dental Camp was organized in Ghandruk Health Post for 6 days by our precious Doctor John Nevin and Team and Local Nepali dentist where a total of 232 patients were treated.

December    On December 25th Feminine Hygiene Awareness Campaign held for the Women’s group and sanitary pads distributed to those attending. On December 26th, an outreach program was conducted at Kliu School. The outreach program was focused on the importance of brushing teeth and dental hygiene. Toothbrushes and toothpaste were distributed to the Day Care students.

January 2020      1stt January 2020 Sanjiwani employed our first female Health Assistant Sandhya Thapa at Ghandruk Clinic. Also, Sanjiwani re-contracted Nurse Rabina Gurung at Chomrong Clinic

On 29th January Cervical cancer screening camp was organized by Annapurna Rural Municipality where Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal’s staff and staff from Ghandruk Health Post successfully treated 46 patients

February      17th of February, Female hygiene awareness camp was organized at Jana Premi Basic School from classes 6 to 8 and sanitary pads were distributed to 18 students attending. On the same day a dental hygiene session was conducted for the students at the  kindergarten. Toothbrushes and toothpaste were also distributed.

March         On 5th March, as the Global Pandemic of Covid-19 virus, broke out Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal’s staff at Ghandruk organized an awareness camps at different sections of the Ghandruk village. Attending these sessions were members from the Mothers’ Group, students, and leaders from the different local organizations around Ghandruk. They were given awareness about how they can stay safe by following the safety measures, information about the early symptoms of the Covid-19, and were advised how to wash their hand properly, and to maintain their hygienic distance.

6th March A Covid-19 Awareness campaign held at Meshram Barah Secondary School in Ghandruk.

On March 24th, in coordination with the Mothers’ Group, Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal’s staff, prepared a hand wash station where liquid soap and water was provided at the bus station of Ghandruk. A display board was set up to advise the villagers and others entering in the village to wash their hand properly before entering the village.

On March 31st of March, Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal coordinated with Ghandruk Health Post and other local organizations of Ghandruk to distribute face masks around different sections of the village. Approximately, 5000 face masks were distributed all-round the village with together with soap were also distributed to the poor families.

April           Due to Covid-19, the services provided at the Health Post in Ghandruk were limited. Only emergency cases were treated. Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal (SPHMN) coordinated with the local organizations in Ghandruk to make the public aware about the Covid-19. PPE’s were bought and were provided to the staff at Ghandruk Health Post. SPHMN coordinated with local authorities in setting up quarantine base. Thermal Gun was provided by the Chairperson of the Hotel Management Committee in Ghandruk which made the staff easy to measure the temperature of the sick person attending the clinic.

May            Few patients were treated in Ghandruk as of lock down being in place. Staff of Sanjiwani and Health Post coordinated regularly to give the medical service when needed. Sanjiwani staff at Chomrong also coordinated with local organizations in Chomrong to set up quarantine and in distributing face masks to the local people in Chomrong and surrounding area. Temporary protective window is setup to check the patient’s fever as a precautionary measure. Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal staff coordinated with the Ambulance Management Committee to get the medicines for the patients who take medicine regularly.

June            Sanjiwani Public Health Mission Nepal along with the Health Post staff help in managing the people kept at Quarantine in different quarantine places in Ghandruk. Their health fever was monitored regularly daily. They were also given advice on following the rules and regulations of the quarantine and were helped to get the proper health care.

                   There were 2355 patients treated at Sanjiwani health post for the period July 2019 to 30 June 2020.